Monday, June 23, 2014

How Do I Meet Mr. Right, Not Mr. Right Now?

How Do I Meet Mr. Right, Not Mr. Right Now?

Recent Messages from Facebook:  “How do I meet someone who wants the same thing I do?" "I am sick of the club or party scene. What alternatives are there for gay folks to meet?"  "I am too shy to talk to someone."  "What can I do to meet like-minded gay guys?"

As we know, Grindr is considered the ultimate hookup app because it lets you find someone geographically desirable, though it’s typically not in hopes of a long time love affair.  You could try searching on Adam4Adam or Manhunt or more.  But with these you may still find that most are still looking for sex as their goal.  The club scene or circuit lifestyle are a wild time but not for everyone and usually not the best place to meet a long-term partner.  And you don't want to fish from the pool of friends your ex knows on Facebook, cause that could be dangerous if you all have the same friends and your ex is someone you’ve been trying to avoid. Speaking of exes, if you are still pining for your him, there's even a new service on that helps you find someone that looks like him using facial recognition software from an L.A.-based firm, Three Day Rule but that will cost you about $5,000 PER MONTH! But they also set up a pre-date for you in case they are wrong about your type, so it is more of a match-making system.

So how are men finding each other these days? What are some of the best ways to meet someone? Places to make a connection other than the hook-up?:

  1. Gay Men’s Meetup groups at
  2. Your local Gay/LGBTQ centers where group meetings are held to discuss how to meet people.
  3. Gay men’s book clubs. There are clubs that read gay erotica together or the latest New York Times best-selling author.  Check with your local librarian.
  4. Gay Singles’ Cruises.  While the goal here may be the ultimate in party sex, several long-lasting relationships have come from them.  I personally know of 5 couples that have been together from a cruise from Ft.Lauderdale, Florida to the Caribbean. That was two years ago and these couples are still going strong.  I guess with over 5,000 guests that are all gay the odds of finding someone there are pretty good.
  5. Let someone find you:  Doing what you love doing and when you least expect it.  Make sure you don’t give up your hobbies while looking for love.  Note:  Cruising Grindr should not be considered a hobby.  Long-term lovers need to have things in common and finding one who loves collecting antique Soviet calculators as much as you do may be on the road to being a keeper.  

Wet would love to know more about how you found your partner.
Was it shopping for bowties at that new trendy shop on the corner? Was it luck? Were you introduced? Was he a friend of a friend that you always wanted to talk to and finally got up the nerve?  Tell us, we would really like to hear the stories and suggestions. Find us on Facebook and send a Direct Message: Facebook/thewetguy

For the shy ones, finding someone new is even more challenging. If we hear any more tips, we’ll post them in a future blog post or on Twitter and Facebook.   Follow us on FB at /thewetguy or on Twitter @wetplatinumman.

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