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Hook Up Safety: Put On Your Hardhat and Know Your Plans Before You Go

Hook Up Safety:  Put On Your Hardhat and Know Your Plans Before You Go

The internet serves up meat faster than a Brazilian steakhouse.  It’s never been easier to meet someone who is into exactly what you want, when you want it.   Apps like Scruff and Grindr and others like them are popular because of the swift swipe and like features many of us know so well.  You can spend all day on Adam4Adam, Manhunt and and never run out of options.  Let’s not forget Craigslist, the Pennysaver of Penis.  It doesn’t give you the hi-tech options of the apps but it’s free and easy to peruse.
Recently, the Grindr app was in the news but not in a positive way.  A young man name Dino Dizdarevińá, looking for a quick hook-up was brutally beaten and strangled in Chester, Pennsylvania. Why is unknown at this time.  According to police reports nationwide, apps like these are responsible for countless violent crimes including rape and robbery. This raises the question, how safe are these hook-up apps?

You can expect to find hard-core hookups and someone who is ready, willing, and able within minutes. So many choices, so little time.  If this is your thing, those choices can come with a price and it’s up to you to protect yourself.

Though hosting (your place or mine) is typically the culture of the “quick-fux”, here are some tips for safeguarding yourself if you can resist immediate gratification.  Always think about safety before meeting someone you don’t know for the first time.

How does one stay safe? Think before you act.

  1. Be Your Own Lifeguard
    Watch for those red flags.  What’s he into?  Is the conversation going where you want it to go?  Do you feel like he’s lying or does have any odd behaviors?  The longer you can chat with him and see his patterns of conversation, the better off you will be.  Get the details down before you commit to meet. Trust your instincts.  Vague answers, long times in between answers, and an inconsistent storylines are all signs.  Stop chatting with someone if your gut tells you the clue phone is ringing.  You’ll never run out of others to try.

  2. Are There Going To Be Drugs Involved?
    Beware of the PNP culture unless you are into that sort of thing. We aren’t condoning it but this is a reality online.  PNP, Party and Play generally refers specifically to methamphetamine use during play.  Look for the word Party with a capital P or any word with a capital P, capital T (for Tina; which is meth as well) or G (GHB) or K (Ketamine) or M (Molly which is Ecstasy).  Blowing clouds, getting cloudy, or playing in the clouds usually means they are smoking meth.  If you notice they are really into skiing, don’t offer a trip to Aspen.  They just like cocaine. Someone looking for these things might request a Party Planner. If this is not your scene, simply emphasize NO PNP.

  3. Is Money Expected?
    Another reality online.  Is your prospective looking for a GENt? That would mean GENerous and expect it to cost you.  How your work that arrangement is up to you but if are not looking to pay to play, save yourself some time and delete!

  4. Protect Your Personal Identity and Information
    Stranger Danger!  You have no idea who is on the other end of that profile.  Hopefully, it is someone just like you looking for your bubble butt bottom to get down but leave your address, place of work, and anything you wouldn’t want an identity thief or a stalker to know out of the conversation.  This is not your best friend, no matter how dirty you are about to get with him.

  5. A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words
    This is just good shopping advice and a safety bonus. You want to get what is advertised right?  Request extra pictures that are not on his profile.  Make sure you get a few pictures of the face.  Ask when the pictures were taken. Save any details you get and the pictures in a folder on your computer at home.  If you are worried about someone finding them, get a secure tablet just for cruising.  It seems like overkill but unfortunately, it may prove important one day.

  6. Buddy System Bandwagon
    No, your friend doesn’t need to go with you but have a friend you can check in with and let them know your exact location and how long you anticipate being there.  Let your hook-up know you checked in with someone.  This may seem a little weird, but your safety is worth it and a good friend will do that for you.  If you are on the DL, and we know some of you are, find a way to let someone know when you should be back so they realize right away if you are missing.

  7. What’s His Public Persona?
    Yes, we know it’s super-hot to show up at random dudes house all full of expectations of 8 inches cut and ready to fuck.  Yes, we know you just ordered it up like a Domino’s Pizza and he can come to your door in thirty minutes or less.  Think before you twink.  Ponder before you otter.  Your date can wait (a bit).  Meet in a public place and see if guy might live up to your expectations.  If your Spidey sense goes off the creepy end and there is something just not right, don’t continue.  Excuse yourself.  Know where your exits are and don’t be afraid to use them.  Take an unusual route home in case you are being followed.  Pull over in a public place and call the police if this happens.

  8. Keep A Positive Outlook
    Not everyone is truthful when it comes to their HIV/STD status.  Not everyone gets tested regularly.  Not everyone uses condoms every single time for every single thing.  No one who engages in risky behaviors is certain of their status in between testing.  Guys on drugs or alcohol are more likely to engage in risky behaviors.  Guys who are willing to bareback with someone they just met on Scruff are likely engaging in risky behaviors.  Syphilis and HIV cases are on the rise so rather than read the signs and try to gauge whether they are “clean”, just assume your partner is positive and act accordingly.

Now for those of you who aren’t too busy trying to find nourishment for your Cock-A-Day Diet, take a moment to find the fun-to-read testimonials on these sites, like the story of two the cops who met on Grindr.  It’s a happy ending to a happy ending.

If you know of a love-match that happened because of a hook-up or match on one of these sites we would love to hear about it.  Or are you or a friend getting married soon?  Let us know that too! We want to hear from you! Comment below or follow us on FB at /thewetguy or on Twitter @wetplatinumman.

How Do I Meet Mr. Right, Not Mr. Right Now?

How Do I Meet Mr. Right, Not Mr. Right Now?

Recent Messages from Facebook:  “How do I meet someone who wants the same thing I do?" "I am sick of the club or party scene. What alternatives are there for gay folks to meet?"  "I am too shy to talk to someone."  "What can I do to meet like-minded gay guys?"

As we know, Grindr is considered the ultimate hookup app because it lets you find someone geographically desirable, though it’s typically not in hopes of a long time love affair.  You could try searching on Adam4Adam or Manhunt or more.  But with these you may still find that most are still looking for sex as their goal.  The club scene or circuit lifestyle are a wild time but not for everyone and usually not the best place to meet a long-term partner.  And you don't want to fish from the pool of friends your ex knows on Facebook, cause that could be dangerous if you all have the same friends and your ex is someone you’ve been trying to avoid. Speaking of exes, if you are still pining for your him, there's even a new service on that helps you find someone that looks like him using facial recognition software from an L.A.-based firm, Three Day Rule but that will cost you about $5,000 PER MONTH! But they also set up a pre-date for you in case they are wrong about your type, so it is more of a match-making system.

So how are men finding each other these days? What are some of the best ways to meet someone? Places to make a connection other than the hook-up?:

  1. Gay Men’s Meetup groups at
  2. Your local Gay/LGBTQ centers where group meetings are held to discuss how to meet people.
  3. Gay men’s book clubs. There are clubs that read gay erotica together or the latest New York Times best-selling author.  Check with your local librarian.
  4. Gay Singles’ Cruises.  While the goal here may be the ultimate in party sex, several long-lasting relationships have come from them.  I personally know of 5 couples that have been together from a cruise from Ft.Lauderdale, Florida to the Caribbean. That was two years ago and these couples are still going strong.  I guess with over 5,000 guests that are all gay the odds of finding someone there are pretty good.
  5. Let someone find you:  Doing what you love doing and when you least expect it.  Make sure you don’t give up your hobbies while looking for love.  Note:  Cruising Grindr should not be considered a hobby.  Long-term lovers need to have things in common and finding one who loves collecting antique Soviet calculators as much as you do may be on the road to being a keeper.  

Wet would love to know more about how you found your partner.
Was it shopping for bowties at that new trendy shop on the corner? Was it luck? Were you introduced? Was he a friend of a friend that you always wanted to talk to and finally got up the nerve?  Tell us, we would really like to hear the stories and suggestions. Find us on Facebook and send a Direct Message: Facebook/thewetguy

For the shy ones, finding someone new is even more challenging. If we hear any more tips, we’ll post them in a future blog post or on Twitter and Facebook.   Follow us on FB at /thewetguy or on Twitter @wetplatinumman.

June Is HIV/AIDS Awareness Month and June 27th Is National HIV Awareness Day

This year, Wet Personal Lubricants has partnered with Chicagoland HIV Testing Collaborative’s (CHTC) "Step Up. Get Tested." campaign by donating 100,000 Safe Sex Kits containing a condom and a sample of Wet Platinum Premium Silicone Lubricant.  The Wet Safe Sex Kits will be handed out at mobile HIV testing units across the Chicago area June 5th through July 4th, 2014. The goal is to not only test at least 5,000 people every June, but to reduce the stigma and fear that surrounds HIV testing.

Last year, CHTC’s "Step Up. Get Tested." campaign made 40,000 contacts in one month and tested well over 5,000 people, giving away 100,000 Wet Safe Sex kits in the process. This campaign is one of the many HIV Testing and awareness campaigns happening in cities across America to mark this awareness day with activities that encourage people to get tested regularly for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. We believe everyone should say yes to the test!

“We’re proud to be the exclusive lubricant sponsor for Step Up. Get Tested.," said Michael Trigg, founder and CEO of Trigg Labs. “We hope our safe sex kits will increase public awareness to reduce the stigma associated with getting tested for HIV. It’s so important to get educated, tested, and to know your current HIV status. Information is power and with that information you can protect yourself and others and, if necessary, get the proper treatment and counseling to live long and healthy lives.”


The only way to know if you have HIV is to get tested. Testing is relatively simple. You can get an HIV test from your doctor or healthcare provider, community health center, Veteran’s health center, a local family planning clinic, and other many locations.  HIV testing is available FREE and ANONYMOUS in many places.  For HIV testing resources visit:

To learn more about HIV and the stages of the disease that lead to AIDS, visit the Center for Disease Control.


Using a condom is a very effective way to prevent contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or infection (STI).  The catch?  Only Consistently + Correctly = Effectively

Condom Tips:

Check the expiration date!
Yes, they do have one.  Look for it before you purchase the condoms and before you use each one to be sure that it hasn’t expired.

Buy condoms that fit properly.
Like us, condoms come in a variety of sizes. Condoms that are too tight are uncomfortable and don’t leave enough room for semen to burst in on the scene. Condoms that are too loose can hold air bubbles that can increase breakage. They can also slip off easily. For more details on condom sizes, go to

Store condoms in a cool, dry place.
Latex can dry out and become brittle when it’s stored in summer heat or winter cold or when   temperatures vary throughout the day. Your glove box or your wallet may seem like the most convenient option but they are not the best places for storing them.

Open the wrapper with your hands.
Sometimes they are tricky to open.  It’s tempting to use your teeth or scissors.  Teeth and any other sharp instrument should be avoided, as the risk of puncturing or tearing the condom is higher if you do.

Put the condom on before there is any genital to genital contact.
Any exchange of bodily fluids harbors the risk of transmission.  This exchange can happen well before penetration so be sure you wrap it up before the action gets hot and heavy.

Lubrication is important!
Placing a drop of personal lubricant on the inside of the condom before you roll it on will enhance your enjoyment. Using lubricant generously on the outside of the condom will reduce friction and thereby reduce the risk of the condom breaking. Use an FDA approved Personal Lubricant such as Wet® Light®, Wet® Platinum®, and Wet® Uranus™ Silicone-Based. These have all been certified as 510(k) medical devices for use with condoms.

Be sure it is not inside out before you start.
Both the tip of the condom and the rolled edge should be pointing the same direction.

See illustration here:

Do not unroll the condom before you put it on.
You must unroll the condom down the shaft all the way to the bottom. This can apply to toys too.  Do not share toys with your partner unless you put a fresh condom on the toy in between uses.

Pinch the reservoir tip while you are rolling on the condom.  
Once the condom has been rolled on completely, be sure to squeeze out any air bubbles.

Hold on to the base of the condom when you pull out. 
The muscles of the rectum are strong. They might peel that condom right off. Take it out with you to prevent spilling the contents on or in your partner.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Whacks His Balls With Lube??? What?

Funny Uses for Wet Lube!

Aaron Bowden won the video challenge of coming up with unique ways of using lube! (Well, are they that unique?) watch and find out for yourself.  We enjoyed the hilarious antics of Aaron as he pours Wet Platinum lubricant on his melons, his weiner and his balls.