Monday, August 3, 2015

Meet Jack Mackenroth, our Wet® Platinum® Man of the Month for August 2015

Supermodel. Athlete. Fashion Designer. Senior Communications Officer at The Global Forum on MSM & HIV. And now, Wet Platinum Man. Jack Mackenroth is the whole package. We are honored that Jack has given us an intimate look in to his world of modeling, relationships, staying fit and being healthy. 

1) How did your career in modeling get started? 
I was going to fashion design school at Parsons School of Design and people kept telling me I should try modeling. I was terribly insecure at that age but desperately needed the money. I went to open calls at various agencies until I got signed. The industry was much different back then. This was circa 1992. Now people get discovered on Instagram.

2) You are hunkier than one of Michelangelo’s chiseled masterpieces.  What is your secret to staying muscular and fit? How does your work-out regimen look?
Oh stop. What? At this age a lot of it is smoke and mirrors, knowing my angles and light and Photoshop ;). I've always been a competitive swimmer so I had a good frame to begin with. I started lifting weights about 25 years ago. Now I'm just in maintenance mode.
I just moved to the Bay Area for a new job so maintaining workouts as a priority is tricky. I'm just getting back into it. I like to lift every day if I have time. I try to swim or do cardio 3-4 times a week. I am not fanatical about what I eat but I try not to eat too much junk. I'm genetically blessed with big pecs and glutes (ass) which thankfully burn a lot of calories.

3) Who (besides yourself, of course) has the hottest body that you know?
There are so many. Instagram is swimming with hot men. I don't actually like guys that are super cut and I like bigger guys around my size with big legs. Seth Fornea is a stud. Another friend of mine Jesse Jordan also comes to mind. Though he's pretty cut up ;). I have a weakness for tons of tattoos as well. 

4) Boxers, briefs, jocks or commando?
All of the above. Usually briefs. As long as they have ample room in the back.

5) If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be and why?
I generally don't like meeting my idols because they often disappoint. I met AIDS activist Peter Staley and he was awesome. I would like to meet the Clintons one day. I don't care much for celebrity culture. I'd like to meet Rick Astley and Morrissey because I'm a child of the 80s. And I would DIE to meet any of the real Supermodels. Especially Linda--no last name needed.

6) What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for your partner?
Oh I'm a total romantic. I'm currently single but my last 2 year relationship ended in January.
For our one year anniversary I photocopied a picture of us kissing (not readily recognizable)--and posted it all over the gay neighborhood with his phone number with the instructions to text "happy anniversary". He got random happy texts from strangers all day. #love
I buy flowers and gifts frequently. People love to feel special. I also am a big believer in giving out what you would like to get back but not expecting it.

7) If you and your partner could have 24 hours just to yourselves, to do whatever you wanted to do, how would you spend your day?
Watching movies, cuddling, having sex, he cooks while I eat, just relaxing with pets and spending quality time together because our lives are always busy.

8) Did you know that We®t Platinum® was found to be one of the safest lubricants tested?  Can you tell our Wet® Platinum® Man fans why it’s important to use a great personal lubricant like Wet® Platinum® for safer sex?
Lubricants are VERY important for safer sex because they reduce the irritation and the inflammation for the bottom and the help condoms work better and make them less likely to break. Plus slippery, lubey, sex is the best!

9) When was the last time you used We® Platinum®?
30 minutes ago.

To learn more about Jack, check out his social media and website.