Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sex in The Shower: Make It The Best Sex Of Your Life

Sex in the shower can be intensely erotic, if done correctly. Some people are turned off by sex in the shower because of the awkward positioning, difficulty with penetration, and downright danger of slips and falls. If you haven’t tried it, we think you are missing out so we’ve assembled some tips, for making your sex-in-the-shower sessions safe and fun.
  1. Use Wet® Platinum® Premium Lubricant. If you plan to penetrate each other in the water, you will need to use a silicone-based lubricant, like Wet® Platinum®.  Hard water can cause additional friction so lube up but be sure to keep it off of shower floor.   Silicone-based lubricants don’t absorb in to the skin and won’t wash away without soap like water-based lubricants do, so Wet Platinum is the perfect choice. Platinum’s 16 ounce size has a pump top, so you can keep it in the shower like you would a bottle of body wash.

    Caution:  Wet Platinum is extremely slippery and does not wash away with water alone. To wash away Wet Platinum and avoid slips and falls, make sure you use soap when cleaning it up, and then wipe the inside of the shower with a degreaser thoroughly.

  2. Have a Lube Shooter Prepared. Using a lube shooter will help keep Wet® Platinum® in its proper place- between the cheeks and not on the shower floor, where it can become a safety hazard. Also, preparing a lube shooter beforehand can make the sex feel more spontaneous, since the lube is already in its place. You won’t have to stop your sexy, steamy, session to squeeze more lubricant in to your hands.
  3. Use A Waterproof Vibrating Cock Ring. Cock rings are not only for guys that have issues maintaining an erection. They are for all men everywhere. Cock rings, regardless of whether you put them around the shaft of the penis, or the scrotum, will absolutely increase the intensity of your orgasm. This is because they restrict the flow of blood within the penis, making for a stronger, harder, erection. Having the option of the extra added sensation of vibrating is always an added bonus. Reminder: never use a silicone toy with any silicone-based lubricant. The two are not compatible with each other.   Always use a cockring made of stretchy material that can be easily removed.
  4. Use A Prostate Stimulator. Prostate massages are known for giving men feelings of bliss and out-of-this-world orgasms. Whether you are in the bedroom, or in the shower, you can try a prostate stimulator.   You or your partner can wear one while getting or giving a blow job.  Tip:  Use Wet Platinum to lubricate your prostate toy before you gently insert it.
  5. Buy A Shower Chair. Shower chairs are not just for senior citizens. They are also meant for people who have amazing sex lives. Using a chair in the shower opens an array of possibilities: from sitting down and having your partner on his hands and knees, between your legs, going down on you, to sitting up straight and being straddled, or even bending your partner over the back of the seat, it’s an option that can’t be passed up.
  6. Use a Slip Resistant Mat. A cushy shower mat will help protect your knees while doing it doggy-style, and will feel soft against your back if you lay down. It will also help prevent slips and falls from any residual lubricant lying on the shower floor that you have not yet been able to clean up.
  7. Invest in a Hand Held Shower Sprayer.  Temperature and intensity of the water stream can be quickly manipulated giving additional sensations that aren’t available anywhere else.  You can purchase a couple of suction cup holders to position the spray of water where you like it most.
  8. Use a Bath Sponge and Soap. There is nothing better than feeling close to your partner after you have just made each other have mind-blowing orgasms. When you are finishing up, lather up a soft sponge with a gentle soap, and seductively clean each other up. Be sure to use plenty of skin to skin contact, while you are doing this. We recommend a gentle soap, so you can clean each other’s most sensitive areas without fear of irritation, and also so that it does not sting your eyes.
If you follow any of these tips, you are sure to have an extraordinary love or fuck making session in your shower. Guaranteed. Now go enjoy!

By Skylar Scot

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