Monday, April 16, 2012

A WET Winning night at the Sybarite Awards 2012

Our hostess for the evening @LolaHedoOnline is giddy with excitement

 The @WetPlatinumMan with @LolaHedoOnline, check us both out on twitter

 Me the @WetPlatinumMan with @BubblePoppa posing for the paparazzi cameras on the Red Carpet

Lola with @MadMicRadio 

@PabloEscobarJr introducing his new drink EVOL with #SybariteAwrads hostess @LolaHedoOnline

 The theme of the evening was body paint so there was a lot of nakedness all around

Here I am posing with a hot couple that wanted to take me home with them after the Sybarite Awards

Goth and fetish always seems to go together...

Another PornStar/Presenter at the Sybarite Awards 2012

Hot go-go boy...I think he works out at David Barton. ;-) 

Here I am accepting a Sybarite Award on behalf of WET for the best product that supports the Gay/Straight/Transgender/Swinger communities.

@Bubblepoppa was a hit with the lovely ladies...when you see his pants down you will know why even more! 

Oh yeah...all the ladies fall for @BubblePoppa