Monday, August 3, 2015

Meet Jack Mackenroth, our Wet® Platinum® Man of the Month for August 2015

Supermodel. Athlete. Fashion Designer. Senior Communications Officer at The Global Forum on MSM & HIV. And now, Wet Platinum Man. Jack Mackenroth is the whole package. We are honored that Jack has given us an intimate look in to his world of modeling, relationships, staying fit and being healthy. 

1) How did your career in modeling get started? 
I was going to fashion design school at Parsons School of Design and people kept telling me I should try modeling. I was terribly insecure at that age but desperately needed the money. I went to open calls at various agencies until I got signed. The industry was much different back then. This was circa 1992. Now people get discovered on Instagram.

2) You are hunkier than one of Michelangelo’s chiseled masterpieces.  What is your secret to staying muscular and fit? How does your work-out regimen look?
Oh stop. What? At this age a lot of it is smoke and mirrors, knowing my angles and light and Photoshop ;). I've always been a competitive swimmer so I had a good frame to begin with. I started lifting weights about 25 years ago. Now I'm just in maintenance mode.
I just moved to the Bay Area for a new job so maintaining workouts as a priority is tricky. I'm just getting back into it. I like to lift every day if I have time. I try to swim or do cardio 3-4 times a week. I am not fanatical about what I eat but I try not to eat too much junk. I'm genetically blessed with big pecs and glutes (ass) which thankfully burn a lot of calories.

3) Who (besides yourself, of course) has the hottest body that you know?
There are so many. Instagram is swimming with hot men. I don't actually like guys that are super cut and I like bigger guys around my size with big legs. Seth Fornea is a stud. Another friend of mine Jesse Jordan also comes to mind. Though he's pretty cut up ;). I have a weakness for tons of tattoos as well. 

4) Boxers, briefs, jocks or commando?
All of the above. Usually briefs. As long as they have ample room in the back.

5) If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be and why?
I generally don't like meeting my idols because they often disappoint. I met AIDS activist Peter Staley and he was awesome. I would like to meet the Clintons one day. I don't care much for celebrity culture. I'd like to meet Rick Astley and Morrissey because I'm a child of the 80s. And I would DIE to meet any of the real Supermodels. Especially Linda--no last name needed.

6) What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for your partner?
Oh I'm a total romantic. I'm currently single but my last 2 year relationship ended in January.
For our one year anniversary I photocopied a picture of us kissing (not readily recognizable)--and posted it all over the gay neighborhood with his phone number with the instructions to text "happy anniversary". He got random happy texts from strangers all day. #love
I buy flowers and gifts frequently. People love to feel special. I also am a big believer in giving out what you would like to get back but not expecting it.

7) If you and your partner could have 24 hours just to yourselves, to do whatever you wanted to do, how would you spend your day?
Watching movies, cuddling, having sex, he cooks while I eat, just relaxing with pets and spending quality time together because our lives are always busy.

8) Did you know that We®t Platinum® was found to be one of the safest lubricants tested?  Can you tell our Wet® Platinum® Man fans why it’s important to use a great personal lubricant like Wet® Platinum® for safer sex?
Lubricants are VERY important for safer sex because they reduce the irritation and the inflammation for the bottom and the help condoms work better and make them less likely to break. Plus slippery, lubey, sex is the best!

9) When was the last time you used We® Platinum®?
30 minutes ago.

To learn more about Jack, check out his social media and website.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shopping for Sex Toys

So many dildos, so little time!

Yes, sex stuff sells, and carnality and capitalism have proven to be a winning combination. What was once an underground trade, advertised in the back of naughty magazines, has turned into Big Business. Want a jack-off sleeve with an aperture shaped like an asshole? Just the right lube for fisting? A buttplug hung like a horse? A super-duper sling? Inescapable restraints? The perfect flogger? Just hand over your credit card and bigger, better orgasms can be yours. (Though if you live in Arizona you’d better curb your compulsive shopping, since you can’t legally keep more than two dildos in your domicile.)

Sure, guys can have plenty of fun with no paraphernalia beyond hands and a hard-on.  But good times—especially good, kinky times—can be even more gratifying if you have the right equipment. Let’s face it: your palm can get awfully sore from administering a bare-bottom spanking. Wouldn’t you prefer a swell leather paddle that makes a gratifying WHAP while it blisters his butt? Or wrist restraints that absolve you of the responsibility of learning rope bondage?

In these high-tech times you can shop online for just about any sexy apparatus, from anal beads to a zip-up body bag, but there’s really nothing better than checking out the goods in person. Salespeople who can point out what you might enjoy, and what kind of lube to use with it, are infinitely more valuable than the hype of online adverts. And fortunately, most major metropolitan areas feature truly pleasant sex shops. Not those jack shacks out on the interstate, the ones that advertise “Bachelorette Party Supplies” and are often as not staffed by skeevy guys who look like they work traveling carnivals…though those places have their place, too.

To be sure, the lower depths can be fun. Sleazier stores often include “video arcades” featuring porn-viewing booths suitable for solitary masturbation….or more. But that’s a topic for another day. Given the choice, why not patronize clean, well-lighted shops stuffed with quality goods and staffed by knowledgeable pervs like you and me?

Going sex shopping with the one you love (or lust after) can be loads of fun, especially where trying on fetishwear is concerned. And the wonderful world of sadomasochism, with its leather and shining steel, is especially merchandise oriented. I can recall taking a self-described “slave” shopping at San Francisco’s premier emporium for leatherfolk. (And yes, it was his idea.) It was delightful to see his acquisitive little eyes light up at the sight of all that cowhide, and equally lovely to watch him try on harnesses and naked-butt chaps. But given the sad state of Sir’s bank account and the swoon-worthy price tags, it was just as well that he’d previously told me he was willing to foot the bill. When shopping for adult knick-knacks, the basic guidelines for buying anything still apply, even to tit clamps.

First, know something about what you’re shopping for. Silicone dildos, for example, are the Cadillacs of fake phalluses. They’re pricier, but they feel great and you can throw them in the dishwasher next to the Fiestaware.  (They do tear more easily than latex, though, so keep the chainsaw away.)
Second, don’t overbuy. Sure, your anal aperture may be able to accommodate that super-sized buttplug one day. But if you’re just getting into bondage, plunking down big bucks for a set of cast-iron manacles maybe a kinky case of too much, too soon. Why not start out by buying some rope from the hardware store and find out first whether restraint is your forte?

Do keep safety in mind. Cheaply made or badly designed toys can actually be hazardous. If you’re going to buy a vibrator for your butt, make sure it has a sizable flanged base or a pair of balls. Going to the emergency room with a buzzing sex toy lodged crosswise in your colon can cast a pall over Saturday night. Make sure that whatever you put on or into your body is non-toxic. And a dildo with a wire core? Uh-uh.

And just like Mom always told you, it pays to buy quality. Don’t cheap out by buying cheesy restraints that will fall apart when the going gets rough. A bargain-priced penis pump that doesn’t properly pump a penis is nobody’s idea of a smart purchase.

Buying a surprise present for that special sexy someone? Keep in mind the message that your gift will convey. If your boyfriend always wanted to be a cross-dressing slut, those plus-size crotchless panties might be just the ticket. A thoughtfully intended gift of a deluxe cock ring, though, might inadvertently say, “I know you have trouble keeping it up, so here’s a little something to help.”

A final parental note: When browsing at sex stores, a degree of politesse is called for. Just like the clientele in the clap clinic waiting room, the folks you run into at the ball-stretcher counter may be assumed to have a certain interest in sex. Discreet cruising of your fellow shopper is thus hardly out of line, but don’t expect more. And don’t harass others, no matter how horny the smell of leather makes you.

All that being said, there’s a whole wide, wonderful range of sexy stuff out there to choose from. Just remember that the body and the mind are the very best sex toys of all, and even a big drawerful of tchochkes won’t turn a dud into a stud. Now, about all those dildos….

by Simon Sheppard

Sex in The Shower: Make It The Best Sex Of Your Life

Sex in the shower can be intensely erotic, if done correctly. Some people are turned off by sex in the shower because of the awkward positioning, difficulty with penetration, and downright danger of slips and falls. If you haven’t tried it, we think you are missing out so we’ve assembled some tips, for making your sex-in-the-shower sessions safe and fun.
  1. Use Wet® Platinum® Premium Lubricant. If you plan to penetrate each other in the water, you will need to use a silicone-based lubricant, like Wet® Platinum®.  Hard water can cause additional friction so lube up but be sure to keep it off of shower floor.   Silicone-based lubricants don’t absorb in to the skin and won’t wash away without soap like water-based lubricants do, so Wet Platinum is the perfect choice. Platinum’s 16 ounce size has a pump top, so you can keep it in the shower like you would a bottle of body wash.

    Caution:  Wet Platinum is extremely slippery and does not wash away with water alone. To wash away Wet Platinum and avoid slips and falls, make sure you use soap when cleaning it up, and then wipe the inside of the shower with a degreaser thoroughly.

  2. Have a Lube Shooter Prepared. Using a lube shooter will help keep Wet® Platinum® in its proper place- between the cheeks and not on the shower floor, where it can become a safety hazard. Also, preparing a lube shooter beforehand can make the sex feel more spontaneous, since the lube is already in its place. You won’t have to stop your sexy, steamy, session to squeeze more lubricant in to your hands.
  3. Use A Waterproof Vibrating Cock Ring. Cock rings are not only for guys that have issues maintaining an erection. They are for all men everywhere. Cock rings, regardless of whether you put them around the shaft of the penis, or the scrotum, will absolutely increase the intensity of your orgasm. This is because they restrict the flow of blood within the penis, making for a stronger, harder, erection. Having the option of the extra added sensation of vibrating is always an added bonus. Reminder: never use a silicone toy with any silicone-based lubricant. The two are not compatible with each other.   Always use a cockring made of stretchy material that can be easily removed.
  4. Use A Prostate Stimulator. Prostate massages are known for giving men feelings of bliss and out-of-this-world orgasms. Whether you are in the bedroom, or in the shower, you can try a prostate stimulator.   You or your partner can wear one while getting or giving a blow job.  Tip:  Use Wet Platinum to lubricate your prostate toy before you gently insert it.
  5. Buy A Shower Chair. Shower chairs are not just for senior citizens. They are also meant for people who have amazing sex lives. Using a chair in the shower opens an array of possibilities: from sitting down and having your partner on his hands and knees, between your legs, going down on you, to sitting up straight and being straddled, or even bending your partner over the back of the seat, it’s an option that can’t be passed up.
  6. Use a Slip Resistant Mat. A cushy shower mat will help protect your knees while doing it doggy-style, and will feel soft against your back if you lay down. It will also help prevent slips and falls from any residual lubricant lying on the shower floor that you have not yet been able to clean up.
  7. Invest in a Hand Held Shower Sprayer.  Temperature and intensity of the water stream can be quickly manipulated giving additional sensations that aren’t available anywhere else.  You can purchase a couple of suction cup holders to position the spray of water where you like it most.
  8. Use a Bath Sponge and Soap. There is nothing better than feeling close to your partner after you have just made each other have mind-blowing orgasms. When you are finishing up, lather up a soft sponge with a gentle soap, and seductively clean each other up. Be sure to use plenty of skin to skin contact, while you are doing this. We recommend a gentle soap, so you can clean each other’s most sensitive areas without fear of irritation, and also so that it does not sting your eyes.
If you follow any of these tips, you are sure to have an extraordinary love or fuck making session in your shower. Guaranteed. Now go enjoy!

By Skylar Scot

Monday, October 27, 2014

SEX EDUCATION 101: 5 Things We Bet You Weren’t Taught in School

SEX EDUCATION 101:  What you weren’t taught in school…updated information to keep you and your partners safe and happy.  Summer has come and gone and students are back in school. Most likely it’s been awhile since you had a Sex Ed course and times have changed. Let’s face it—your information is old school!

New York psychiatrist and sex therapist Madeleine Castellanos, MD, offers updated, “new school” information that everyone should know to stay in the safe sex zone: 

According to the CDC, nearly half of the 19 million new STDs contracted each year are among young people aged 15–24 years (2011).

Oral sex is not considered ‘safe sex.’  HIV, HPV, herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis may all be transmitted via oral sex.  In addition, a 2011 study found that the proportion of oropharyngeal cancers related to HPV increased from 16.3% to 71.7% between 1984 and 2004.

More than $8 billion is spent each year to diagnose and treat STIs and their complications, not including HIV (Guttmacher Institute). STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) are definitely out there.  Protect yourself from getting them and/or spreading them.

Make oral sex safer by using a flavored condom like DKT’s Prudence brand condoms, which offer a wide variety of flavors and scents (banana, watermelon, strawberry, grape, chocolate and more) guaranteed to tickle your taste buds as well as your partner’s fancy!  

Oil and latex do not mix—so using petroleum jelly, baby oil, moisturizers or everyday kitchen oils with a condom can cause the latex to break down and increases your chance of breakage and infection. Wet® Platinum® Premium Silicone Lubricant and WET® URANUS™ Anal Lube are both latex- friendly. When used correctly, Wet lube also helps to reduce excess friction, thus lessening the risk of tears.

Wet hopes these tips from sex therapist, MD and psychotherapist, Dr. Madeleine Castellanos will keep you and your partner safe and intimate.

Growing Up Sleazy by Simon Sheppard

I was recently reading about yet another sex-education brouhaha, which made me oddly nostalgic. Not that I remember anything about my high school sex ed class. That’s not really surprising, considering I was in high school over four decades ago. But I grew up in a fairly enlightened Northeast suburb, so I’m assuming there was one.

Actually, I do seem to recall that one fateful day, the boys and the girls were put in separate classrooms so some ultra-qualified gym teacher could deliver the hard facts about Down There. You know, “When a man loves a woman very much, he sometimes puts his penis in her vagina.” That kind of thing. But that might just be a constructed memory; if I’d known there was going to be a quiz, I would have taken better notes.

I also had good, liberal parents. I’m sure Dad and I had The Talk, during which he imparted lots of useful information like, “When a man loves a woman very much, he sometimes puts his penis in her vagina.” There was a copy of The Kinsey Report in the house, sitting right there in the open next to something by James Michener, as well as the copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover that I found in my mother’s underwear drawer. It wasn’t like I was raised by Amish prudes.

I was in any case a precocious little snot; by eleventh grade I was reading Naked Lunch. To my mom’s chagrin, I hung an Avedon photo of naked Allen Ginsberg on my bedroom wall. I took a train into Manhattan to see a Tennessee Williams play. Stuff like that.

And though I was, in those dim pre-Stonewall days, awash with guilt about being queer, going so far as to jack off to Playboy in a damp attempt at conversion therapy, I didn’t let that guilt stand in the way of my erotic education.

Those “physique” magazines full of photos of oiled young men flexing in posing straps and gladiator drag? Yep, they were hidden under my bed. Now I wish I’d saved those issues of Young Demigods; I’m thinking that retro porn might earn a pretty penny on eBay.

And then there were the “nudist pictorials” I furtively thumbed through in the backroom of a newsstand across the river in Trenton, New Jersey. The sign on the bridge read “Trenton Makes, the World Takes,” but I was too young to take those sun-drenched journals of naturism home. Those photos did, though, instill in me a lifelong love of exposed pubic hair, and I still can’t watch beach volleyball without getting naughty thoughts.

So I guess when it came to sex education, I was, to a great extent, home schooled. (And, thanks to masturbation lessons from the Boy Scout next door, self-abused.)

In these enlightened times, any high schooler—at least one who doesn’t live in a town where the board of education is controlled by right-wing fundies—will learn stuff in school that would have made my teenage jaw drop in amazement. But I was of a generation where sex, most particularly queer sex, was still naughty and taboo and snicker inducing, and those cross-sectional penis diagrams that Coach Schneider showed us didn’t change that.  All of which is most likely why, in my formative years, I got the idea that sex was somehow dirty.

And you know what? I still do, I think that sex, at least good sex, is at least a little schmutzy. No, not shameful, not something to feel guilty about. But, well, kinda nasty. In a good way. A wallow-y way. Male/male blowjobs? Naughty. ButtSex? Yeah, absolutely…dirty. And kink? Delightfully more so. Not hoity-toity redemptive, not safely therapeutic, and I’ll leave Tantra to the folks in Taos and Tibet. Give me something that makes me feel gleefully soiled and I’m satisfied.

Transgressive is good, if you ask me. Growing up gay in an anti-queer world made me look askance at hetero-normative bullshit, got me alienated enough from mainstream culture to have to figure it out for myself, and well, I can easily live with that.

Sure, I’m glad that school kids now learn lots of sex-positive stuff about orgasms and STDs and—except maybe in Alabama—dildos and lube. That’s great. Really. But from where I stand (or, more likely, kneel) I like the dicks I deal with to be metaphorically dirty…and literally a little smelly. I enjoy getting off in unclean, dimly lighted places for sex. Outlaw fucking is just somehow better than something Oprah approves of. Safe, sure. Consensual? Absolutely. But sane? Well….

But the edge is getting harder to find. I suppose when the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey comes out, even a nice hard flogging won’t seem the least bit outrĂ© any more. Yeah, that’s a boon to Middle-American men who want their wifeys to walk on them in spike-heeled boots. But when sex, like life in general, loses its fucked-up frisson, it’s not an unalloyed plus in my book.

Take the whole victorious sweep of the gay rights movement. I surely don’t want to go back to the bad old anti-gay days of the 1950s and ‘60s, and hey, I love having a legally wed husband. But back when I was a “babyfag”, there was a feeling that craving cock somehow made you special and different and—might as well say it again—naughty in ways that today’s fortunate queer youth will never know.

So two-and-a-half cheers for modern sex ed, and may those parents opposed to it have their names be discovered in the client lists of the prostitutes they secretly patronize. But—though it might seem immature, self-indulgent, and even smacking just a wee tiny bit of internalized homophobia—I still like my sex to be on the sleazy side, something you do in the dark. Or the park.

Because, you know, if a man sticks his penis in another man’s anus, it may well be because he loves him. Or it may not. But it sure as hell is because he’s figures out how he wants to fuck him.
Simon Sheppard is the author of Man on Man: The Best of Simon Sheppard, The Dirty Boys' Club, Sex Parties 101 and Jockboys. Visit him at, and email him at
Simon Sheppard is the author of Man on Man: The Best of Simon Sheppard, The Dirty Boys' Club, Sex Parties 101 and Jockboys. Visit him at, and email him at

Simon Sheppard is the author of Man on Man: The Best of Simon Sheppard, The Dirty Boys' Club, Sex Parties 101 and Jockboys. Visit him at, and email him at

Simon Sheppard is the author of Man on Man: The Best of Simon Sheppard, The Dirty Boys' Club, Sex Parties 101 and Jockboys. Visit him at, and email him at

Monday, August 25, 2014

In Praise of Smaller Junk by Simon Sheppard

Sure, we all know what’s supposed to turn us on: buff, gorgeous young guys with cocks like tree-trunks jutting manfully out below defoliated six-packs.

But what if that doesn’t get us instantly hard? What if we prefer, say, small, even tiny, dicks? If a guy doesn’t buy into the notion that bigger is better, does that make him a little-dick fetishist? After all, classical statues were small-hung, because the ancient Romans thought that big cocks were ugly. I know that skillions of you would disagree, but what, you think you’re smarter than Caesar?

And how about the probably-thornier issue of chubby chasers and bear fanciers? In a world of ever-expanding waistlines, is it cool to eroticize overweight? Confesses one man who likes his buddies to have considerable meat on their bones, “I’m always watching my own weight, so it feels a little weird to get a hard-on from stroking a 40-inch-waist. Am I enabling a boyfriend’s unhealthy habits, or do I just think too much? And hey, wouldn’t you rather that someone have a big butt than anorexia?”

The specifics of sexual attraction are a complex mystery, possible factors ranging from childhood experiences to images in the media. As an older guy grateful for whatever below-the-waist attention comes my way, I’m not about to tell some youngish fellow with a stiffy, “You’re attracted to me? You must have father issues!” Because, well, I’m not that stupid.

And because being someone’s “mercy fuck” can feel pretty effing icky.

Now, power always enters into sexuality—and not just the sort that uses handcuffs and whips. One partner is stronger, more successful, or more conventionally handsome; it’s just a fact of life. My partner’s youth gives him power if I let it. My having a bigger dick than him, ditto.

Most of us have, by definition, more or less average looks. So chasing after undeniable hotties is a mixed bag. If you score, it’s an achievement. If not, it’s a rejection.  Better, perhaps, to chase after equals, or even to make a less attractive guy your mercy fuck, which can make you feel both empowered and generous. (And lest you think the term “mercy fuck” is insulting, keep in mind it contains two of the loveliest words in the English language.)

It’s a rather inconvenient fact of life is that most of us, in one way or another, feel unworthy. And our judgmental culture—one that holds up standards of appearance that many of us find impossible to live up to—doesn’t help matters. So the existence of unconventional sexual tastes is, in that sense, a Very Good Thing. And a widespread thing: anyone who’s spent time trolling in the online vineyards of sex ads will note that just about every kind of guy, from unwashed wayward waifs to fellows with oversized ears, is sexy to somebody.

There are tumblrs devoted to every shape and size of male, websites that celebrate the eroticism of grandpas, hippies, skinny nerds, big ole bears, and the extravagantly tattooed. A friend of mine has a thing for guys with zits, and who am I to say he’s wrong?

This specialization is not without its downside. If you have a curved cock and answer an ad in search of that, you might wonder, as your admirer worships you, “Does this fellow see anything in me beyond my basket?” (Or you might just put all that aside, thank your good fortune, and growl, “That’s it! Suck that thing.”)

Things get even gnarlier when sexual desire enters the minefield of race, from “No Asians, please” to “I’m looking for big black dicks.” But the hard fact is that sexual attraction, even between long-term partners, usually involves objectification of some sort, even if it’s just “I love the shape of your ears.” And we are, for whatever tangled reasons, attracted to whom we’re attracted to. As long as we don’t confuse what happens in bed with our dealings with the world at large, there’s nothing wrong with our taste in men, be it ever so arcane.

And play nice. If someone you find unattractive comes on to you, don’t treat him rudely. His wanting you is not an insult. Conversely, don’t try to persuade someone that he should find you hot. Take “no” for an answer and move on.

Neither should you treat some co-workers better just because you’d like to fuck them. It’s simply good manners, right? It’s the kind of advice you mother would have given you…if your mom had been a slut. (Which we all know she wasn’t, so relax.)

In the best of all possible worlds, we’d desire everyone for who they were, kumbaya, and it’s a small world after all. We wouldn’t confuse “hung like a horse” with “masculine,” nor masculine” with “hot.” It’s what’s on the inside that really counts, and we’re not talking dildos here. And we wouldn’t base our sense of worth on whom we fucked, or even who loved us. But the human ego is a strange beast, and when dicks are hard, it gets even stranger.

Yeah, I like men with small, even tiny cocks. I’m not sure what that means (though I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have fuck-all to do with Michelangelo’s David and his itty-bitty marble pee-pee). But who, in the final analysis, cares what the fuck it’s about, anyway? Are you in search of that ten-incher, mythic as a fleshy unicorn? By all means, keep questing. As for me, you less endowed dudes can bring those pretty little things over here. As long as my having some guy’s undersized dick in my mouth makes us both happy, then it is a small world. After all.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Man on Man: The Best of Simon Sheppard, The Dirty Boys' Club, Sex Parties 101 and Jockboys. Visit him at, and email him at