Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time to Make those Summer Vacation Plans!

Are you thinking about taking an out-of-this-world vacation this summer?

Don't forget to pack Wet® Uranus™ Anal Lubricants with in your suitcase when you leave town! Available in both water-based and silicone-based formulas, these formulas are thicker than our other formulas to give long-lasting lubrication and a little extra cushioning needed for anal play. Both formulas are non-sticky, latex friendly and paraben-free.

It's steamy hot outside, so why not make it just as hot inside? You can relax at home with a steamy DVD. Find a sexy movie that turns you both on and a cool space to relax. As you watch, feed each other popsicles or chilled white wine. Kissing and nuzzling will soon lead to massages. The next thing you know, you'll be teaching the people in the film that you're watching a new move or two.  Give each other sensual massage with Wet® Nuru Massage Gel --always an erotic idea. Watch our Video to learn Nuru massage techniques.

Learn How to Give a Nuru Massage

You don't have to wait until you are in bed to unleash your sexual beast. Let your sexuality shine when you tell your lover that you're thinking about him and already getting aroused. You can also send some sexy texts to your significant other while you are away from each other. Send all the dirty details of what you plan to do to him when you're reunited. 

After a night of sexual escapades make plans to have breakfast al fresco. You're already feeling relaxed after an evening of amorous activity, so put on a sexy robe and serve pancakes and orange juice outside on the patio. That maple syrup doesn't have to be limited for use on the pancake. There are plenty of other places you might want to try drizzling it and letting him lick it off. 

Or why not find a popular adults-only swimming pool where you can enjoy some leisure time and inspiring scenery?  Go to the pool with the intention of relaxing and unwinding. Bring a towel fresh and fluffy from the dryer.  Lay it out on a pool chair and check out the hotties. Close your eyes and let yourself take a little fantasy nap in the shade if that’s what turns you on.

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