Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Let me start this blog by saying, FetFest was like nothing I've ever been to.  Everyone involved was a consenting adult (of course) and truly amazing at what they do. The best of the "best" were at this event.  If they were into ANYTHING kinky they were at FetFest.  Not only were they the best, from across the country, they were also more than happy to tell you...and teach you all about their fetishes.

If you want to attend a gathering where you can totally be yourself, with no judgements and meet people that are experts in their fetishes then FetFest is the place for you.  Think of it like a weekend summer camp with tons of half naked...and naked people walking, talking and fucking around, doing what they do best. And oh yes, there was a lot of fucking going on!  I was just being a voyeur (because I was working), which is cool too, but trust me there were plenty of opportunities for me to do more than just look.

Just to get you started, let me tell you about the campground.  It was nestled on 2000 acres of totally secluded forest with grassy areas for tents, a lake, cabins, a pool area, indoor and outdoor spaces...it was lovely. And it was a great escape from NYC and having to wear clothes all the time.

Here is how the campground was set up: 

As you can see there were the following main areas:

  • Outdoor Dungeon
  • Main Dungeon
  • Queerville/Leather Village
  • Spanking Village
  • Sex Village
  • Poly Village
  • TNG Village
  • Rope Village
  • Music Village
  • AgePlay Village/Bouncy Town
  • Vending Village
  • FemDom Village
  • Primal Arts Village
  • Lucky Gentlemen's Club
  • Vending Village
  • Oh and don't forget Starfucks Coffee and Juice Bar!
You may be asking at this point, "What in the world were you doing there?!" Well...I'm getting to that. 

As the WET Lube Guy I was there to setup my WET banners, hand out WET swag, setup our WET trashcans throughout the campgrounds, help with the setup of the WET lube slide (Yes, there was a WET lube Slip-N-Slide) and in general make sure there was enough WET lube and condoms to go around. I took my duties very seriously. :-)

Upon entering the camp I was immediately registered and tossed into a golf cart so Paul (the creator of the camp) could show me the lay of the land (pun intended). 

The grounds were beautiful.  It totally reminded me of summer camp.  We were out in the woods with grass, trees, camp fires, butterflies and the occasional squirrel.  Many of the people helping to setup had been there for a couple of days already putting together all sorts of contraptions, which you will soon see. 

While barreling through the villages in Paul's high powered golf cart we would occasionally pass a completely naked male or female pedestrian that would wave hello or ask Paul what they could do to help.  (Don't get me wrong there were some clothed people too but the naked ones were the ones that caught my attention the most.) 

After the tour Paul dropped me off at the Main Dungeon and I was immediately put to work...after all, that was what I was there to do...not just take in all the sites. 

Come to find out, most of the lube and condoms had already been distributed (surprise, surprise), but the WET trashcans needed to be placed in all the villages.  I dove right in and grabbed the cardboard trashcans (which you will see in many of my pics below) and began my duties. 

What I found as I walked around was each person was very grateful for what I was doing.  I got a lot of, "Thank you so much" and "We needed that" and a few, "Come to my cabin/tent and play when your done" and "Why aren't you naked while doing that?"  I would also see people being spanked, having sex and would hear moans of pleasure coming from behind tent and cabin doors constantly. 

What I really liked about FetFest was the openness to just do whatever you wanted and not be judged. There were people of all shapes and sizes and no one was left out. 

Everyone had there own thing weather is was being submissive, dominent, having their clit washed in the outdoor clit washing area, or dressing up like a big baby and bouncing around in a moon bounce.  There were classes on Cock & Ball Torture, Creating a Spark with Electricity, Liquid Latex, Rope Making, Caning 101,  Mastering the Primal Arts and so much more that I can't even mention them all.

I obviously wasn't allowed to take pics of the people while they were doing such things so I will have to leave that to your imagination.  

As you can imagine there was a lot going on and every time I turned around I would see something new and interesting that I had never seen before, or had only read about in books. I knew I had to stand out from the crowd so every day I would dress up in a different outfit that was over-the-top in order to get attention so I could speak with the people attending about WET.  Apparently it worked because I constantly kept getting the comment, "Oh, so you are the WET Guy that I keep hearing about."  Here are pics of what I was wearing.

 This outfit had matching silver sneakers!

 This outfit of course had matching black boots.

I had an amazing time at FetFest and I learned a lot.  I know I will be incorporating pieces of what I've leaned into my own sex life and I'm grateful for having gone because I thought I had seen it all but this trip proved that I really was only touching the tip of the iceberg. I made some really great friends and some wonderful contacts and I know this weekend will stand out in my mind for a very long time. 

Below is a picture of what was given to me by one of the vendors (www.crystaldelights.com).  It is a butt plug with a foxtail attached. As you can imagine, I will be creating a costume around this so stay tuned!  Halloween is right around the corner...and the next FetFest is only a year away! :-)


  1. This is AMAZING Antonio! Did this take place out east somewhere?

  2. Thanks so much for adding to the amazingness of FetFest! Sorry I didn't get to meet you. I hosted the Poly Village, and we did indeed appreciate the trash box. Glad you had fun. See you next year!

  3. I was so happy to see all the Wet trash cans! It was a nice touch (though we didn't get one in Primal Arts Village *pout*).

    @Scott- it happened near Darlington, MD

  4. Yes Scott, FetFest was in Maryland just outside of Baltimore. If you want more info on it go to www.fetfest.com.

  5. Toygoddess I'm so sorry that I didn't have enough trashcans to get all the way down there. Had I known the photo area was going to be so light I would have taken a couple from there and brought them over to you. Next year I promise to start with Primal Arts and work my way back over. :-)

  6. Anita, I know there were a lot of people. I look forward to seeing you next year!

  7. Hey Wet Guy, it was great to meet you this weekend. I was the Brit guy hanging around drinking beer with Officer Will - and wearing the cool white harem pants.

    Good to see photos of those outfits of yours - my wife loved the quarter kilt - lol :-)

    Thanks for all your contributions to this event and I hope to see you again there next year.